Fitness Facilities

Whatever your workout regimen, from power-walking to body-building, aerobics to yoga, the fitness center on your cruise ship offers a full-range of options to keep you ship shape.

All cruise ships have a workout area with the applicable equipment, personal trainers, and various classes. Newer ships have, however, cruise fitness facilities that take up half a deck and provide passengers with the latest fitness equipment, aerobic programs, and expansive ocean views. Enjoy an early morning Pilates class. Take time out of your afternoon to spin with a bunch of enthusiastic bikers. Finish up with a bit of heart-pumping kick boxing. Royal Caribbean International even provides passengers with an in-line skating track that spans the top deck of their Voyager-class vessels!

Whether your idea of fitness is jogging, swimming, weight-lifting, kick boxing, Pilates, or yoga, the fitness center on your floating resort can accommodate your needs. You can always end your workout with a relaxing sauna, steam, aromatherapy treatment, or Swedish massage. After all, you are on vacation!